WARNING – Failure to Follow Safety and Service Procedures, or if You are Not A Trained or Certified Mechanic/Welder When Servicing Trailer, May Cause Serious Injury or Damage. It is Recommended to Have your Trailer Serviced and Maintenanced by a Qualified Mechanic/Welder.

Maintenance Schedule

3 Months or 3,000 Miles

1. Adjust Brakes. (See Brake Adjustments and Procedures)

2. Check Torque of Wheel Lug Nuts. (See Torque Requirements &Sequence)

3. Inspect Tires for Bulging, Cuts, Damage, and Wear.

4. Check Wheels For Cracks, Dents, and Damage.

5. Check Fluid Level in Master Cylinder Reservoir. (If Applicable)

6 Months or 6,000 Miles

  1. Check Brake Magnets for Wear and Current Draw. Do Not get Grease or Oil on Brake Magnets.
  2. Check Vehicle Brake Controller for Proper Modulation and Amperage. (see Brake Controller’s Manufacturer’s Manual for Recommendations and Troubleshooting)
  3. Inspect All Suspension Parts Such as – Springs, Equalizers, Bushings, Hangers, Axles, Bolts and Nuts, Etc., for Bending, Damage, Cracking, Looseness, and Excessive Wear.
  4. Inspect Tilt Cylinder(s) and all Lines, Hoses, and Seals for Leaks, Wear, and Damage.

For 10K – 15K Axles

5. Check Camshaft Bushings for Wear and Breakage.

6. Check Slack Adjuster for Lubrication.

7. Check Anchor Pins and Rollers for Lubrication.

12 Months or 12,000 Miles

  1. Check Brake Linings for Wear and Contamination. Replacement is Necessary if Lining is Worn to Within 1/6” or Less. Keep Clean From Grease, Oil and Dirt.
  2. Check Brake Disk, Pads, Etc. for Wear and Damage. (If Applicable)
  3. Check all Brake Springs and Hardware for Stretch or Wear.
  4. Check Brake Cylinders (hydraulic) for Fluid Leaks and Sticking.
  5. Check Brake Lines for Cracks, Leaks, and Kinks.
  6. Check Brake & Light Wiring for Bare Spots, Fraying, Etc.
  7. Check Hub/Drums for Excessive Wear or Scoring. Keep CleanFrom Grease, Oil and Dirt.
  8. Check Hub/Wheel Bearings and Races for Corrosion and Wear.
  9. Repack Wheel Bearings with Grease/Oil. (See Lubricants)
  10. Check Seals for Leakage. Replace if Removed.
  11. Check Axle Springs For Damage, Wear, and Loss of Arch.
  12. Inspect Hangers & Welds for Cracking and Wear.
  13. Grease Jacks, Hinges, and Bolt Grease Fittings.


  1. Inspect All Frame & Welds for – Signs of Bending, Cracking, and Damage Due to Stress and Wear. (Main Frame, Sub Frame, Tongue/ Neck and Crossmembers)
  2. Inspect All Trailer Parts Such as – Couplers/Pintles, Jacks, Fenders, Safety Chains, Axles, Wheels, Etc. , for Cracking, Damage, and Wear.

NOTE: Inspection of Hubs & Drums, Bearings, Races, Seals, Brake Parts, Etc., Requires Hub/Drum Removal.