1. CAUTION – If Hydraulic Brakes are Not Properly Bled and Adjusted, or if You are Not a Trained or Certified Mechanic, When Bleeding/Adjsting Brakes, May Cause Failure of Brakes, Which may Cause Serious Injury or Damage.

A Qualified Mechanic is Recommended If Brake Bleeding is Necessary.

2. NOTE – A Vacuum Brake Bleed Tool is Available in a Manual Hand Held or Air Pressure Operated For Hydraulic Brake Bleeding. However, Brakes can be Bled Manually From Most Actuators but Usually Requires an Assistant.

3. The Manual Pumping or Stroking Mechanism for Bleeding Can Vary According to the Model Actuator, And Sometimes Requires Loosening or Removing Bolts that Hold the Lever Guide and Emergency Lever Spring. Getting Instructions on Your Type of Actuator For Manual Bleeding of Brakes May be Necessary.


  1. Fill the Master Cylinder with Brake Fluid. (Dot 3 or 4 Brake Fluid)
  2. Make Sure ALL AIR BUBBLES ARE GONE out of the Master Cylinder Reservoir When Manually Pumping/Stroking or Using a Vacuum Brake Bleed Tool.
  3. Attach a Bleeder Hose to a Bleeder Valve on the Back of
  4. One of the Wheels Farthest From the Master Cylinder, and Submerge the Other End into a Transparent Container Partially Filled With Brake Fluid to Prevent Possible Splashing From the Container.
  5. Loosen the Bleeder Valve One Turn and While Watching Fluid in container, Pump the Fluid as Long as Bubbles Continue to Leave the Submerged Hose. When Air Bubbles Stop, Close the Bleeder Valve, and Move to the Next Wheel and Repeat the Same Procedure Until All Brakes Are Bled.Note: Refill Master Cylinder Fluid Level Often. (Every 4-5 Strokes and In between wheels)
  6. Make Sure Master Cylinder is Full and Securely Attach Cap.
    If Necessary, Reinstall all Parts – the Emergency Lever Spring, Lever Guide, All Lock Washers and Bolts. For Demco Actuators, When Tightening the Bolts, Make Sure Lever Moves Freely in the Groove.
  7. Check all Lines, Master Cylinder, Brakes and Valves for Any Leaks.
  8. Test the Brakes and Actuator to Make Sure They Are Working Properly, Brakes May Have to be Readjusted.