1. Hub/Wheel Bearing Lubricants Recommended.
A. Grease Lubricated – High Quality NLGI 2 High Temperature Grease – Blue/Red.
B. Oil Lubricated – High Quality Non-Synthetic SAE 80-90 Wt. Gear Oil.

2. Hydraulic Surge Brakes & Actuator Fluid Recommended.
A. Drum & Disc Brakes – Heavy Duty DOT 3 or DOT 4 Brake Fluid.

3. Cushion/Gravity Cylinder(s), (Tilt Car Haulers) A. ATF Transmission Fluid or Equivalent

E-Z Lube Grease – Bearing Lubrication

  1. Remove the Rubber Plug from the End of The Grease Cap.
  2. Using a Manual Standard Grease Gun, Make Sure Grease Gun Nozzle is Fully Engaged on the Fitting.
  3. Slowly Pump Grease into the Fitting Until the Old Grease Begins to Flow Back out the Cap Around the Grease Gun and the New Clean Grease is Observed.
  4. MUST Rotate Hubs While Adding Grease.
  5. Replace the Rubber Plug in the Cap and Wipe Off Any Excess Grease.

Oil – Bearing Lubrication

  1. Periodically Fill Hub With Oil Through the Rubber Plug Hole in the Cap to the Level Indicated on the Clear Plastic Oil Cap.
  2. Oil is Recommended to be Replaced Every12 Months or 12,000 Miles.
  3. Inspect Oil Caps and Rings for Leaks, Replace if Necessary