1. CAUTION – If Brakes are Not Properly Adjusted, or If You are Not a Trained or Certified Mechanic When Adjusting Brakes, May Cause Serious Damage or Injury. A Qualified Mechanic is Recommended When Adjusting Breaks.

2. Trailer Brakes Should be Adjusted Between 250 to 300 Miles After All of the Brake Components Have Seated. Re-Check Brake Adjustments at a Minimum of Every 3,000 Miles

3. All 10,000 lb. and 12,000 lb. Brakes are Self Adjusting. The Brakes Will Automatically Adjust as Needed Regardless of Direction of Travel. However, They Can be Manually Adjusted.For Brake Control Synchronization/Adjustment – Refer to Brake Controller Manufacturer’s Recommendations.

4. For Brake Control Synchronization/Adjustment – Refer to Brake Controller Manufacturer’s Recommendations.

5. CAUTION – Do Not Place Jack on Axle or Springs. Use Jack Stands to Secure Trailer.

6. BURNISHING – You Can Make Sure the Brakes Have
Been Properly Seated by Applying the Brakes Repeatedly
and Lightly for About 20 to 25 Times at A Low Speed (Under 25 MPH for Safety) to Begin the “Seating In” of the Brakes to the Brake Drum Components. Allow Ample Time for the Brakes to Cool Between Brake Applications.


  1. Make sure Your Trailer is on a Level Surface and is Free of any Potentially Dangerous Items.
  2. Jack up the Trailer and Secure with Jack Stands.
  3. Find the Adjustment Hole Cover and Remove it From the Backing Plate. Located at the Bottom Back of Backing Plate.
  4. Use a Brake Adjusting Tool to Adjust the Star Wheel (of
    the Adjuster) and Expand the Brakes Until the Brake Shoes are Sufficiently Expanded so that the Tire and Wheel Will Not Easily Rotate. For Drop Axles, You May Need a Modified Brake Adjusting Tool.
  5. Next Move the Star Wheel in the Opposite Direction Until You Can Feel A Little Resistance From the Brake and Replace the Hole Cover.
  6. Carefully Lower the Tire to the ground.
  7. Repeat this Procedure for all Wheels, Making Sure to Adjust All Brakes at the same Time.
  8. Test the Brakes to Make Sure They are Working Properly.